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Dance Classes Toronto Offers Salsa Training

Bachata is a very sensual Latin dance with it roots from Dominican Republic.  It is a relatively new dance that has only been around for no more than 20 years and has already gained popularity worldwide.  Bachata music theme is usually based on sad romance which gives this dance its sensuality.  Whether you have no dance experience or have experience in other dances such as Salsa you will be dancing Bachata like a pro at the end of this workshop!

Salsa is known to be the most social dance world wide and the very city of Toronto offers many amazing Salsa venues all through the week!   Our goal is to get you comfortable with this dance through our Salsa classes in our Toronto dance studios.  You will be soon being on your way to hanging out at the hottest Salsa spots in Toronto!

The professional staff at the dance studios of Dance Salsa In Toronto come with a plethora of experience in delivering fun and intuitive Salsa classes / lessons throughout Toronto and has also professionally participated in dance congresses all through Europe. Countries include Spain, Italy, Portugal, France, Polonia, and Russia.

Despite the emphasis on the Salsa classes / lessons, Dance Salsa in Toronto also offers classes / lessons in other cultural Latin dances such as Bachata, Merengue, and Argentine Tango in our dance studios. This will ensure that one will have a solid portfolio of dances covered when presented in a social environment involving dance.One could enrol in different levels of a particular dance in our dance studios at Dance Salsa In Toronto accordingly based on his or her skills and level of progression. Levels for Salsa classes / lessons and other dance classes are Beginner, Intermediate, and Advance.

Dance Classes Toronto- Latin Dance Styles

The major Latin dance styles are described below:-


The history of the Latin popular music known worldwide as “salsa” began centuries ago in the islands of the Spanish Caribbean, in a context of slavery and colonialism. Yet, it is inextricably tied to twentieth-century New York City and the growth of a thriving Latino community. Its distinctive polyrhythm and vocal and instrumental call-and-response identify the Afro-Caribbean roots of Latin music – traditional and contemporary, sacred and secular. Crossing international borders, Salsa is arguably the most popular dance style around today. The name may have been new, but the sound of salsa is rooted in the rich mix of cultures, races and rhythms that is New York Latin music.Find additional information at dance classes toronto.


Bachata is a form of music and dance that originated in the countryside and the rural neighborhoods of Dominican Republic. Its sensuous and intimate style combined with countless turn variations have lead to a continual gain in its popularity and notoriety globally; a favourite style for salsa goers everywhere.


Cha Cha Cha consists of three quick steps and slower steps on the one and two beat. Its origins fall back to the slow Mambo tempo where people began dancing to what they called then the ”Triple” Mambo. This dance has gained a huge amount of popularity and can be seen in all major cities worldwide.


It’s hot, it’s sexy and it leaves its spectators mesmerised. Considered to be the most sensuous dance style in the world this modern version of the Lambada evokes the body and mind into a trance like state for the dancer.